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Who we are

Rocker AB (publ) is a tech company reshaping the retail banking industry. Our vision is to be a leading bank challenger by using new technology to offer financial services that are easier to use and more affordable.

What we do

Powered by frontline technology and PSD2, we build and offer accessible and affordable financial solutions that are easier to use and that solve people’s everyday needs.

With Rocker, you can save, borrow, spend and keep track of your finances - all in one place. Interact with all your various bank accounts. Split costs with your friends. Pay using any method you prefer. Or get help with increasing your savings. With our upcoming services, you’ll get it all in one single app!

We want to give you full control of your finances - every day, around the clock, wherever you are. As a bank should work. We give you the tools and the knowledge to set your standards for your own finances.

Why we do it

People have financial challenges that are not addressed by traditional banks. We believe that we all deserve better banking services.

We love to challenge the status quo and to do things in ways they have never been done before. As a customer, you want simplicity, flexibility and security. With that in mind, we develop services for your personal finances that are based on new and advanced technology, but made easy, flexible and secure for you to use.

Where we come from

Rocker was launched in 2017. The team behind Rocker consists of forward-looking entrepreneurs, developers and leaders who have a track record of successfully starting and developing fintech companies and services.

Rocker is licensed as a payment institution in the EU and supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Who owns Rocker?

Rockers' shareholders include both employees and investors such as Schibsted and LMK. Schibsted owns or has shareholdings in several other successful tech companies such as: Adevinta, Prisjakt, Blocket, Lendo and Compricer.

Are you an investor and want to know more about us? Get in touch with us on or visit our linkedin site.


Join our Team!

Rocker is for Everyone.

Interested in joining our team of Rockers? Here is a preview of what we do and how we do it!

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